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Avoiding Online Job Scams



FAQ  for job-seekers:

What is

IndoJobCenter is a new big job center for Indonesia.
You can search through jobs and apply online on this site.  Off cause free of charge !!!!
Here you will find the current list of registered jobs in Indonesia.

How much does it cost for Job-Seekers ?

Nothing, it’s free of charge.


I’m interested in one of the jobs advertised, what do I do?

Please contact the employer that has advertised the vacancy.
The contact details should be shown together with the vacancy details at the end of the posting.
Do NOT contact us, we only advertise the vacancies.


For how long will you keep my resume in your database?

At least six months. We will send you an email from time to time asking you to update your resume. If you don’t update it in six months, your resume could be removed by us without notice at any time.


Who will be able to access my resume?

Any employer that registers its details in our website will be able to access the resume database.


How do I apply for a job vacancy?

There may seem like a lot of info below but this section is handily divided into two parts of which you’ll only need to read one (we’re good to you guys!). Registered users will find simple step-by-step instructions in the first part whereas non-registered users should read the second part for their answer to this question.

Instructions for Registered Users:
(For Job-Seekers who DO already have a personal Jobsite Account).

  1. If you find a job you’re interested in, click the Apply Now button
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Select the “I’m already registered, my password is” radio button option
  4. Enter your password
  5. If you can’t remember your password, use the “Forgotten Password” option and we’ll send you a reminder email
  6. Click on the Sign in and Apply button
  7. You will then be on the Job Application page
  8. If we’re missing some of your personal information we’ll ask you to provide it at this stage, including setting a new password


Instructions for Non-Registered Users
(Job-Seekers who DO NOT already have a personal Jobsite Account):

  1. If you find a job you’re interested in, click the Apply Now button
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Select the “I need to register” radio button option
  4. Click on the Sign in and Apply button
  5. You will then be on the Job Application page
  6. Enter your personal details and select a Password
  7. Select if you are authorised to work in the location shown.
  8. In the covering letter section you can leave the standard text as it is, or you can create your own covering letter by just overtyping the existing information
  9. To upload your CV click the browse button
  10. You will then be prompted to search your PC or disk for your saved CV (if you don’t have one saved then we are afraid you’ll have go back and do this)
  11. Once you have located your CV, add it to your application
  12. Read the Terms & Conditions and choose to stay opted in or opted out of our subscription services
  13. Finally, click on the Apply Now and Register button
  14. You will then see a confirmation page informing you that your application and CV has been forwarded to the recruiter who advertised the vacancy
  15. You may also choose to update your new account settings at this stage including making your CV searchable to recruiters and setting up your own Jobs-By-Email alerts


How do I upload my CV?

You will first need to create your CV on your PC as a word document or .rtf format file, not containing any graphics, tables, text boxes or multi-column layouts. We suggest that you keep the layout of your CV as simple as possible and avoid ‘unnecessary’ decorations as this will be rejected and you will be unable to load your CV successfully.

Once you have created your CV, you will then need to register with us and create an account and once you have created an account, you will then need to do the following to upload your CV:

  • Log onto your account page
  • Scroll to the CV Management section on the left hand side
  • Select ‘Enter CV Now’
  • Scroll to the ‘browse’ section, click onto the browse button – you will be prompted to search your PC or Disk for your CV
  • Once selected, click the ‘Save Now’ to store your CV. It will now be checked by our system for any viruses.


How will you use my email address?

We will only use your email address to send you resume update reminders and to contact you for matters directly linked to this website. We will NEVER use your email address for marketing purposes, sell or disclose it to third parties.


Beware of Job Scams


FAQ  for employers:

Why should I post my jobs on ?

Only here you can advertise all your vacancies for free and reach thousands of job-seekers every day.


How I can post a job ?

That is very simple! You just have to register on, then you can klick on the button “Submit a Job” and fill in the form. Please fill in all details correct. Describe your job offer, like: Description of job, requirements, your company profile, and how to apply.  You can upload a company logo or picture, place your address in Google Maps, select the job categories.  That´s it.
Don´t forget to click on “Next” to finsh your posting.
It is free of charge !


How long will this job posting listed in ?

It will listed 30 – 60 days.
(A relising or extend your job posting is possible)


Our advantages for EMPLOYERS:

Free job advertising
Advertise all your vacancies for free and reach thousands of job-seekers every day.

Resume search
Search amongst thousands of resumes and find the best professionals nationwide.

Free business profile
You can create a free job posting with your company profile and link to your website.
Basic Listing is free of charge !!  Feel free to test it now !

Register here  is the right solution for the recruitment needs of your business.
Open a free account today and post a job offer for free !!!


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