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Be careful ! Job Listing Scams !

Posted by | 23/07/2014 | Job Blog, Useful

Be careful !

Employment scams, also known as job scams, are a form of advance fee fraud scamming where certain unscrupulous persons posing as recruiters or employers offer attractive employment opportunities which require the job seeker to pay them money in advance, usually under the guise of work visas, travel expenses, and out-of-pocket expenses.

The scams typically involve lucrative offers of employment in Europe, the Middle East, West Africa, or South Africa with money demanded to be paid to an agency or travel agent for visas or travel costs. These companies often present themselves with official-looking websites and documentation. Once the victim has paid the advanced fees for employment, the ‘business’ either ‘declines employment’ or ‘ceases operating’ as soon as the transfer is finalized.

This type of scam has become more and more frequent recently due to the popularity of 419 scams, and growing suspicion towards e-mails offering to transfer money from bank accounts, especially those originating in Africa. Unlike 419 scams, job scams tend to mostly target persons looking for employment in other nations such as hopeful immigrants or contractors and operate out of nations with high immigrant and foreign employment rates.

Please inform us, if you find some job scams !
We try the best to keep our site free of scams.

Never pay any fee or money in advance to get a job !

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